Professional and Academic Presentations

This page is just a collection of professional and academic presentations that I have given that I will theoretically update over time.

  • Project lead Eric Jensen
  • Collaborators Many co-presenters
  • Completed Ongoing


Jensen, E.R., Jones, M.O., Naugle, D.E., Allred, B.W. (2022, February, forthcoming). The Rangeland Analysis Platform: Tools for estimating pasture productivity, year-to-year variability, and stocking rate. Contributed talk at Society for Rangeland Management, Albuquerque, NM.

Jones, M.O., Jensen, E.R., Allred, B.W. (2021, September). Conserving Resilient Rangelands Using the Rangeland Analysis Platform. Seminar presentation to University of Arizona Earth Dynamic Observatory, Online seminar.

Allred, B.W., Maestas, J.D., Jones, M.O., Jensen, E.R. (2021, April). Multi-scale Rangeland Monitoring using the Rangeland Analysis Platform. Contributed talk to U.S. Forest Service Rangeland Technology Summit, Virtual Conference. *

Jensen, E.R., Kremer, L., Werner, Z., Colley, A., Vorster, A., Rhea, A., Rhoades, C., Covino, T., Dennis, K. (2020, December). Quantifying Post-fire Vegetation Recovery on the Colorado Front Range. Contributed poster at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Virtual Conference.

Jensen, E.R.. (2020, October). Leveraging the Landsat archive to characterize plant species diversity and post-fire recovery in Great Basin shrublands. Master's thesis defense, Online presentation.

Jensen, E.R., Kremer, L., Werner, Z., Colley, A., Vorster, A., Rhea, A., Rhoades, C., Covino, T., Dennis, K. (2020, August). Using NASA Earth Observations to Monitor Post-FireVegetation Recovery in the Colorado Front Range. Presentation at NASA Applied Sciences week, Virtual Conference.

Jensen, E.R., Filippelli, S., Newingham, B.A., Vogeler, J. (2020, August). Of pixels and plant diversity: Modeling plant species diversity using Landsat time-series and machine learning. Contributed talk at Ecological Society of America, Virtual Conference.

Jensen, E.R. (2019, September). Remote sensing models of shrubland plant biodiversity in the Great Basin. Poster presentation at GIS in the Rockies, Denver, CO.

Jensen, E.R., Vogeler, J.C., Newingham, B, Falkowski, M.F. (2019, April). A Remote Sensing Approach to Resilience and Resistance in Sagebrush Systems of the Great Basin. Poster presentation at US – International Association of Landscape Ecology annual meeting, Fort Collins, CO

Tull, J.C., Jensen, E.R. (2018, June). Decision Support Tools: Finding the Right Tool in the Toolbox. Presentation at 31st Sage & Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Workshop, Billings, MT.

Jensen, E.R. (2018, May). Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Data Management Documentation and Packaging. Presented to Landscape Conservation Cooperative Data Management Work Group, Online.

Jensen, E.R., Foster, K. (2018, February). Collaborative Spatial Planning Using the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Conservation Planning Atlas. Webinar for the Conservation Biology Institute, Online.

Jensen, E.R. (2017, July). Conservation Science in the Great Basin Story Map. Presented at Society for Conservation GIS Conference, Monterey, CA.

Jensen, E.R. (2017, June). Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Geospatial Program. Presentation to the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative Steering Committee, Online.

*In 2021, I also presented on the Rangeland Analysis Platform to the Intermountain West Joint Venture Sagebrush Capacity Team, Pheasant's Forever Strategic Watershed Action Team, University of Idaho Range Livestock Symposium, Montana Weed Control Association, USDA-NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife State Leads, USDA-NRCS National Grazing Lands Team, State of Oregon Sage-grouse Local Implementation Team, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel.