Rangeland Analysis Platform Support Website

I led the creation of all of the content on the Rangeland Analysis Platform support website, including written content, technical documentation (Google Earth Engine, GIS, etc.) data visualization, GIF animations, and video content. The website is built on the Help Scout customer service platform and is used to field user questions regarding our web applications and datasets, which I moderate as well.

  • Project lead Eric Jensen
  • Collaborators Brady Allred, Matt Jones, Dave Naugle, Jeremy Maestas
  • Website Support website
  • Tools HTML, CSS, Google Earth Engine, ArcGIS Pro, Shotcut
  • Completed March 2021


See the support website here!

I created the Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) Support Site using the Help Scout customer service platform using HTML and CSS to style the layout and a variety of software for developing the content. The website provides a variety of informational and technical resources to support users including resource managers, policy makers, and private landowners and ranchers. The articles are designed to be interactive and feature user tutorials to guide the user as they explore the data. Many of the articles include videos that help to demonstrate key aspects of the RAP web tools that I describe in more detail on my page about the RAP YouTube channel.

The Support Site specifically includes documentation for using RAP data in Google Earth Engine, ArcGIS, and Microsoft Excel as well as use of the web applications that the RAP team maintains. It also includes informational articles and videos about the datasets and the models that underpin the datasets, covering key remote sensing and machine learning topics in a manner such that the material is relevant to non-technical audiences.

On the website, I use GIFS, videos, and data visualization to demonstrate key concepts an ensure visual hierachy within the web pages. See, for example, the GIF that I used below to demonstrate how to analyze biomass production data for a fire perimeter in California.

You can visit the support site at support.rangelands.app